• The main park is now closed and will reopen in 2019. We still have our Christmas Grotto and Christmas Party Nights to enjoy this year.
Diego’s Rainforest Rescue

Diego's Rainforest Rescue

Ride along with Diego on another animal adventure!

This time, Diego’s Rescue Pack has morphed into hot air balloons that whirl around the jungle, searching for endangered animals and birds that peer through the vines and leaves.

Did You Know?

This attraction is one of up to 17 rides which may be ridden by children under height provided they meet the criteria listed below.

Ride Info

A self spinning balloon ride that reaches a height of 20 feet.

Guests must exhibit the following attributes for admission to this amusement ride:

  • At least 120cm tall to ride unaccompanied*
  • Wristband or 2 Ride Tickets
  • Ability to enter/exit the device unaided through proper entrance/exit
  • Ability to grasp/grip with 1 functional arm
  • Ability to brace with 2 functional legs
  • Ability to walk/climb assisted over obstacles/stairs

* Children are able to ride this attraction irrespective of their height, provided the child meets the following additional criteria:

  • The child must be in possession of either a ride wristband or ride tickets.
  • The child must be able to walk unaided i.e. they may not be carried.
  • The child must be accompanied onto the ride by an adult with either a ride wristband or ride tickets.
  • Ability to grasp/grip with 1 functional arm
  • Please see our additional informationfor Guests with Small Children

Click Here for Important Information for Guests with Disabilities

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