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Fun Days Out With Kids

Planning the ultimate family day out has never been easier. After all, there is so much to do and see within the UK you’re truly spoilt for choice. But, if you’re after days out with kids which tick all of the boxes, you need to head to Blackpool.

Blackpool is world-famous for having a large amount of attractions for families. From arcades to beaches to museums, Blackpool has it all. However, in the midst of these attractions there are two that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land.

We’re renowned for providing families with an outstanding day out. With Nickelodeon Land being added in 2011, there is now more fun than ever to be had within Blackpool’s most famous attraction.


What is Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

We’re the UK’s favourite theme park! The amusement park is adjacent to the beach, so if you want to seek out a stunning coastal resort with a wealth of attractions, you are in the right place. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the most visited UK attraction in the UK.

Every year families come in their droves for excellent days out with kids. Did you know that over 5.5 million people visited the park in the last year? It’s consistently topping the polls for the UK’s favourite theme park. With that kind of accolade, it’s easy to see why you need to bring the whole family out for a day trip to Blackpool.

Rides & Attractions

days out with kids
We’re home to some of the world’s most famous attractions. There isn’t a person in the UK who cannot recall the Big One – it’s one of the most talked about rides in the UK. Of course, it’s not for the fainthearted but it is a recognisable attraction on the landscape of Blackpool.

For those that love thrills and spills, there are a vast range of white knuckle rides that you can test your personal limits on. Avalanche, Grand National, and Ice Blast have all been hugely popular. But, the introduction of Infusion has really got thrill seekers enthralled and enraptured. The Revolution and Steeplechase are amongst family favourites with Valhalla being one of the the most classic rides within the resort.

If you’re planning fun days out with kids in mind, you can still experience more family friendly attractions within the confines of the Pleasure Beach. After all, small children are not known for being adrenaline junkies. With this in mind, there are more family-orientated rides which are suitable for parents and children alike. Hop on board the Alice Ride for an Alice in Wonderland themed attraction.

The Dodgems, Tea Cups, and Gallopers are all firm favourites with families. Who can dismiss these classic rides for a day out of giggles and happy memories? The Wallace and Gromit ride is a must for parents who love this classic tale of one man and his dog. For those who like the feel of retro-rides, this is a must. Parents will remember the quirky stories while the kids will love to be part of it.


Nickelodeon Land

days out with kids

Families often find themselves in theme parks with limited appeal for younger members of the family. The best thing about Blackpool Pleasure Beach is that it has Nickelodeon Land adjacent. So, if you are taking younger kids out for the day, you don’t have to worry that they will be bored.

On the contrary, Nickelodeon Land is jam packed with exciting rides, cartoon characters and shows that younger kids will simply adore.

Nickelodeon and Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort have joined forces to create the ultimate family day out. With over six acres of fun to be had, no wonder families cannot wait to come here. With over 12 rides and attractions, the whole family is sure to be entertained.

Head to SpongeBob’s Splash Bash and soak your friends and family. Join Tommy and the rest of the Rugrats on their quest to find the Temple of Spoon aboard the Rugrats Lost River. The Avatar Airbender is a thrill-seeking ride for mini adrenaline junkies.

Parents don’t have to worry about their children. All of the rides are designed with your child’s fun in mind. If all that is a little too much, your kids will jump at the chance to meet their all-time favourite cartoon heroes. Join SpongeBob, Patrick, Dora and Diego for photo opportunities galore. With flumes, boat rides and an opportunity to meet their heroes, your kids will make a lifetime of wonderful memories.


Fun for Adults in Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon Land is suitable for adults, too. With a wealth of family-based attractions such as flumes, wooden roller coasters, and tea cup rides, you’ll be spoilt for choice. After all, parents shouldn’t have to miss out on the action!


Prices & Wristbands

With so much on offer within Blackpool Pleasure Beach, you may be misleading in thinking that this is an expensive day out. On the contrary, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the cheapest family days out within the UK. With the price of a wristband starting at £15 per person, this is an inexpensive day out for the whole family.

How do you get access to our theme park? You can buy wristbands online from our store in preparation of your big day out.


Special Offers

We understand trips out with the entire family can be costly. So, there is a broad range of special offers that parents can take advantage of to help them cut the costs of a family day out. 10 Day Advance Bookings make the cost of your trip even cheaper.

What’s more, you can seek out all inclusive packages in the way of All You Can Drink Deals. This ensures that no one has to pay a high price for being thirsty. Of course, there are All You Can Eat Deals too for your hungry brood.

While Blackpool is the most famous seaside resort in the UK, it’s sadly not known for its weather. Do not despair. If you find that you are caught in a downpour, there are free Rainy Day Returns passes available to families.