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Blackpool Pleasure Beach brings together scare zones, haunted ride areas and outrageous live entertainment at the UK’s premier amusement park.

Journey to Hell is reserved for guests aged 10 years or older. An adult must accompany under 16’s. There must be no more than a 6:1 under 16 to adult ratio. Please note, Journey To Hell is a scare zone live actor and action based experience which will include rides as part of Journey To Hell.

Join your host the Gate Keeper for live music and DJ. Grab some food and drinks.

Watch out for some of hells creeps roaming, hungry to feed on your fear.

Roll up Roll up, step in to the big top.

These clowns are no ordinary clowns. They want to keep your soul forever!

Let’s hope you escape the impossible.

All aboard, destination FEAR!!

Something spooky is happening on tonights trip.
You never know who you might meet on this hair raising journey.

Are you feeling adventurous?

Explore these cursed caves, where your screams echo and awaken the legend of the cursed travellers.

Here piggy piggy

This maze of tunnels where the outcasts live. It might be dinner time come your visit . . .

are YOU on the menu?

Beautifully evil

These sirens bewitch you then drag to you their abyss and immerse your senses with the darkness.

Look with fear

You may feel uncomfortable for a  while, but when they control your mind you are lost to their realm.

A witchcraft pilgrimage

Let’s hope all the passengers make the return journey on this cursed locomotive.   

Don’t panic

You may never get out of this hellish maze of rooms.


Located in the iconic Casino Building at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pasaje del Terror is a unique, interactive horror show that dares visitors to journey through a spine-chilling maze of scenes and settings from famous horror movies. Guests will be challenged to play the horror genre’s most important characters, the victims.

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