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ICON - Dare to Ride

the uk's first double launch rollercoaster

ICON with a twist

The UK’s first and only double-launch rollercoaster ICON is getting twisted this season with ENSŌ. In a first for Europe, ICON’s rear seats have been adapted so that riders can spin and twist freely during the ride’s thrilling duration.

ICON’s exhilarating high-speed accelerations, electrifying twists and turns and heart-stopping interactions will all be turned up to a whole new level by ENSŌ.

ENSŌ magnifies the thrills and creates a whole new experience for those who dare to get twisted.

ENSŌ is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning a circle, or sometimes, circle of togetherness. It is traditionally drawn using only one brushstroke as a meditative practice in letting go of the mind and allowing the body to create, as the singular brushstroke allows for no modifications.

Like the symbol, it is named after, once you climb aboard the ride, clear your mind and allow your body to experience the intense, thrilling experiences of ENSŌ.

Dare to get twisted!

ENSŌ is available on the back row one of ICON’s three trains. There is an upcharge to ride ENSŌ, with two levels of access – Standard and VIP.  Both will only be able to be booked via Pleasure Beach Resort’s app on the day of your visit.



Guests that already have a VIP Speedy Pass can get a VIP ENSŌ Booking for £15.

Bookings are only valid for one ride on ENSŌ. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. ENSŌ is subject to availability.

When purchasing a Standard ENSŌ ride, you will have the same wait time as the current queue but with one big advantage, you don’t have to stand in line!

When purchasing an ENSŌ VIP ride, your wait time is reduced by 90% of the normal queue time length.

While you are waiting for your ENSŌ ride you can visit other rides and attractions across the park.

After completing your booking, a timer will start to countdown and when the timer reaches zero, you can head straight to the ENSŌ entrance where you will scan a code with your phone to board ENSŌ.

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ICON opened to the public on 25th May 2018, the UK’s first-ever double-launch rollercoaster offers guests to the park a unique and thrilling experience.

ICON launches visitors on an exhilarating journey where they experience the same acceleration as a Formula 1 driver before twisting and turning at high speeds across the park, interacting with other rides.

A second boost of speed then launch riders to heights of 88.5ft, with drops of up to 82ft, giving even the bravest of thrillseekers an unforgettable ride.

Vital statistics



Track Length:

3,750 ft

Max height:

88 ft

Max Speed:

52 mph


2 mins

No. of trains/cars:

3 trains with 4 cars – each carries 4 riders


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