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Kids Theme Park UK - Nickelodeon Land


Finding the perfect destination that holds appeal for all of the family can seem like an impossible dream. But, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach there is so much to do that will appeal to both the kids and the parents. When it comes to finding a kids theme park that offers a broad range of facilities that appeals to old and young alike, it can be difficult. After all, if you are planning a family day out, it’s imperative that all members of the family have a fantastic time.

Little wonder people are flocking in their droves to Nickelodeon Land kids theme park UK. Many theme parks across the UK have introduced a family section within the park. But, none quite compare to Nickelodeon Land. Located in the heart of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land offers everyone within the family a fun-filled day out. It’s the place where family memories are made.


kids theme park uk

Why Nickelodeon Land?

Nickelodeon Land is one of the few theme parks in the UK that is tailored towards the family market. Whilst other theme parks have family particular attractions within the park, they aren’t like Nickelodeon Land, they only offer a small range of facilities for families. But, Nickelodeon Land offers much more than tea cups and shows. It offers a world-class family destination that will appeal to all generations.

From toddlers to teenagers, there is a wealth of things to do within the theme park. After all, if you are planning a family day out, you need to keep everyone in the family happy. Fun shouldn’t be confined to the very young or very old. It should cater for all aspects of family life. That is what is at the heart of Nickelodeon Land’s ethos.


A Fun-Filled Family Day Out

Families flock to Nickelodeon Land every year because it’s the UK’s most popular theme park for kids. There is something to entertain the whole family. The colourful and fun background is a must for any little one. But, the vast array of roller coasters and rides make it perfect for older kids too. There are over twelve rides located within the heart of the theme park. But, there is a lot more to do than simply go on rides. Your kids can meet their heroes, in the form of SpongeBob, Patrick and Dora. The popular Nickelodeon characters are available to meet kids all day long. You never know who you might bump into on your grand day out.

Of course, Nickelodeon Land is aimed at families comfort in mind. With an extensive range of pizza places, fast food restaurants and coffee shops, you can take the chance to unwind after a busy day of exploring.


Rides and Attractions

There is an extensive range of rides and attractions that all generations of families are sure to love. Ranging from thrill seeking rides to smaller boat-inspired rides, your kids will enjoy their day out.

Within the parks, confines are the Blue Flyer. This is a must-visit attraction for any young thrill seeker. The wooden coaster takes you on a journey through the thrills and spills of the Nickelodeon Land kids theme park UK. You don’t have to worry about it being too scary for your young ones though, it’s aimed with children’s fun in mind.

Of course, for younger and small children, you can explore Dora’s World Voyage. Join Dora and Diego on a mini boat tub ride and find out more about the world around us. If you haven’t quite got enough of Dora and Diego, hop aboard Diego’s Rainforest Rescue and help Diego complete his quest.

You can even join the Rugrats too. Take a trip with Tommy on the Rugrats Lost River. This flume ride is always a winner with families of all ages. The Backyardigans Pirate Treasure is a modern twist on the classic pirate ship. Be sure to hold on to your stomachs as you fly through the air.

For older kids, they will revel in spending time with Nickelodeons most famous cartoon characters. Who doesn’t love SpongeBob Squarepants? You can join Spongebob, Patrick and Gary on the Bikini Bottom Bus Tour. Say hello to Mr Krabs at the Krusty Krab Order Up. If that isn’t enough, take a trip to SpongeBob’s Splash Bash. Tackle the jellyfish and spray your friends and family with water jets.

Wow. With so much to do, you will be spoilt for choice! Your kids will make cherished memories at the Nickelodeon Land theme park.


Small Children Will Love It!

Often, many other theme parks solely focus on adults and teens. But, at Nickelodeon Land, your tiny tots can be in for a treat too. With so much to see and do with Dora and Diego, they will be spoilt for choice. Small children and toddlers don’t have to miss out on an action-packed day, simply because they are young. Oh no, they too can join in the revelry. While some of the rides are more suited to older kids, young toddlers and small children can also join in the fun. Toddlers and small kids can meet their favourite characters such as Patrick, Diego and Tommy. The Rugrats and SpongeBob inspired rides are perfect for younger families. With boat rides and slow moving rides, you don’t have to worry that your kids won’t have a lot to do within the confines of the park.

With a wealth of nappy changing and child-friendly facilities on site, you don’t have to worry that your kids won’t have the greatest day of all time.


Something for the Adults

Okay, so you’ve planned an awesome day out with the kids. But, what is there for adults to do? After all, why should the kids get all of the fun? Nickelodeon Land is aimed at young families and children. But, it is directly adjacent to the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort. So, if you want to test your wits, head to the Big One and the Infusion for thrills and spills all day long. Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land will help you and your family make a lifetime of happy memories.