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Meet Your TV Heroes


Blackpool Pleasure Beach have a host of characters appearing throughout the day and have special events on at Nickelodeon Land throughout the year. 


Characters for April 5th

10:30 – SpongeBob
11:00 – Chase
11:30 – Leo + Donnie
12:00 – Aang
12:30 – SpongeBob
13:00 – Leo + Donnie
13:30 – Chase
14:00 – Boots
14:30 – Aang
15:00 – Mikey + Raph
15:30 – SpongeBob
16:00 – Mikey + Raph
16:30 – Chase
17:00 – SpongeBob
17:30 – Aang
The characters who appear on park are:


Chase and Marshall
Marshall from the firehouse to his fire truck, Marshall is a Dalmatian who is all action, easily excited, and the clumsy one of the group. The pups will always hear Marshall say; ‘I’m okay!’

Chase using his police truck and megaphone, this German Shepherd Dog is an athletic natural leader who likes to take charge. Chase may be on the case, but he has to watch out for cats and feathers because he is allergic.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants… DUH! This super happy sea creature is The Krusty Krab’s number one fry cook and Bikini Bottom’s best laugh. If you’re looking for non-stop entertainment, look no further. SpongeBob SquarePants is the funniest little fella under the sea!
Have you been living under a rock? Well, Patrick Star has! Which is probably why he calls pencils “writing sticks” and doesn’t know if mayonnaise is an instrument or not. Even though his attention span is approximately .02 seconds long, Patrick is still the sweetest starfish around!
Leo eats, sleeps and breathes ninjutsu, which is probably why he was chosen by Master Splinter to be the leader of the Ninja Turtles. Keeping his rowdy brothers in line can be hard, but Leo never lets anything get in the way of their strong teamwork when it comes to defeating villains. 
Raph is always the first to a fight, and never forgets to brings his tough attitude and hot-headed temper. Though he’s sometimes hard on his brothers, Raph shows his softer side when he’s with his pet turtle, Spike. Oh, and he’s also afraid of cockroaches… but don’t tell him we told you!
Mikey is the class clown of the Ninja Turtle’s sewer lair, constantly pranking his brothers and concocting some seriously sick food (pizza milkshake, anyone?). When he’s not dancing to his fave tunes or downing a whole pepperoni pie, Mikey is kicking some major Kraang butt with his brothers.
From insane weapons to some awesome vehicles, Donnie has invented some epic gadgets to help keep the Ninja Turtles safe. His talents include hacking computer systems and cracking security codes. He just can’t seem to figure out how to steal April’s heart…
Raised by monks in a temple hidden in the mountains, Aang is the last Airbender and the only known survivor of the Air Nomads. He’s the master of getting him and his friends into sticky situations, but thanks to his Avatar abilities, he’s pretty good at getting out of them too.
Boots is a 5 year old furry monkey and Dora’s best friend. He’s like a worshipful younger brother. Sweet and loving, he likes to hold Dora’s hand. Unlike Dora, Boots sometimes makes wrong choices and gets discouraged. When he is feeling down, he always bounces back quickly with one of his flips. No one can make Dora laugh the way Boots can. He’s the best friend you always wanted.

  • Dora
  • Diego
  • Chuckie
  • Tommy
  • Angelica.




Please note we cannot guarantee that characters from Nickelodeon Land and Wallace & Gromit will appear at the attraction every day.