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FAQ & Booking Information

What is Blackpool Pleasure Beach's admission procedure?

A: There are two ways to enjoy Pleasure Beach. Either purchase a daily Unlimited Ride Wristband or a Pleasure Beach Pass. All visitors must choose one of these options. The Unlimited Ride Wristband allows you to enjoy all our rides all day long at no extra cost, it also allows you to enjoy Nickelodeon Land rides. A Pleasure Beach Pass allows you to enjoy the ambience of the park, ride the Pleasure Beach Express, explore the Chinese Puzzle Maze and experience our Spectacular Dancing Water Show.

What is an all day Unlimited Ride Wristband?

A: A wristband allows you to enjoy all the rides at Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land. There are number of Unlimited Ride Wristbands according to the type of visitor:

1. 12 Years and over unlimited riding all day. Includes entry to the park and unlimited riding all day long, plus unlimited riding on Nickelodeon Land .
2. 11 Years and under unlimited riding all day. Includes entry to the park and unlimited riding all day long, plus unlimited riding on Nickelodeon Land (height restrictions apply)

For children who may not be able to ride due to height restrictions. We advise that small children may be more suitable for our coin operated rides.
3. Senior Wristband (65 and over) unlimited riteding all day. Includes entry to the park and unlimited riding all day long, plus unlimited riding on Nickelodeon Land.

Please note: height restrictions apply on certain rides and some attractions may charge an additional cost.

What are the family wristbands?

A: Good news! We’ve made it even easier and better value for families coming to visit us! We know that families come in all shapes and sizes which is why we’ve made our family pricing really flexible, giving you even more opportunities to save!

Our family offer starts with Family of Three wristbands with a maximum of 2 adults in the group. This will be £60.00 when booked in advance online and £70.50 if you buy at the gate on the day.

From there you can add up to 5 extra people (adults and children) meaning that families as large as 8 can come to Pleasure Beach together. Extra guests (either adults or children) are charged at just £21.00 online and £23.50 at the gate on the day.

The mix of adults and children in family groups from 3 to 8 may be as follows:
Gate | Online
Family of Three Maximum of 2 adults £70.50 | from £48.00
Family of Four Maximum of 3 adults £94.00 | from £64.00
Family of Five Maximum of 3 adults £117.50 | from £80.00
Family of Six Maximum of 4 adults £141.00 | from £96.00
Family of Seven Maximum of 4 adults £164.50 | from £112.00
Family of Eight Maximum of 4 adults £188.00 | from £128.00

What is a Pleasure Beach Pass?

A: The £6 Pleasure Beach Pass is effectively an entry pass to the park for the entire day. Our guests can come and go all day as many times as they like and it includes rides on the Pleasure Beach Express, the Chinese Puzzle Maze, Bradley and Bella’s Learning Garden and the Spectacular Dancing Water Show. Many of our competitors do not provide the option to come in as an accompanying guest as they prefer to sell full price tickets or nothing at all. We appreciate that our exciting rides aren’t for everyone which is why we provide the option of a Pleasure Beach Pass to our guests.

Our guests also have the option to purchase a £10 Big One Ride Ticket which includes an all-day Pleasure Beach Pass as well as a voucher for any one ride of their choice, no matter how much it costs! We feel this provides excellent value to our guests for whom the decision to visit us was on the spur of the moment or who perhaps only have time for one ride. Anyone wishing to ride on additional rides can either purchase individual ride tickets or upgrade to a wristband once they’re on the park. The price of the Pleasure Beach Pass will be deducted from the upgrade transaction.

In recent years, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has invested considerably in improving the quality of the park’s environment and ambience. We provide relaxing garden spaces as well as indoor and outdoor cafés and restaurants in which our guests can grab a coffee and watch the world go by. Our guests’ enjoyment and satisfaction is of paramount importance to us which is why we strive to create a safe, fun and clean environment for them. We know that many of our guests appreciate this through the use of a Pleasure Beach Pass.

We hope we’ve been able to clear up a few misconceptions and we appreciate your continued support and input in making Pleasure Beach a great day out for the whole family. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for details of promotions and competitions which might make your visit even better value!

What is a Blackpool Resort Pass?

A: The Blackpool Resort Pass is a new ticket designed to bring you the best of Blackpool in one easy ticket at great value for money.
The Blackpool Resort Pass includes entry to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, including Nickelodeon Land, Blackpool Tower Eye, Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE Blackpool AND the new Blackpool Tower Dungeon.
The Blackpool Resort Pass will give you 1 visit to each attraction across 7 days.

Where do I collect my Resort Pass?

A: If you book your Resort Pass on the Pleasure Beach website you will need to collect it from the Pleasure Beach Ticket Centre on the date that you select during the booking process. This date will be the first day of the 7 day validity period.
If you book your Resort Pass on the Blackpool Tower website you will need to collect your pass from there.

Can I still buy ride tickets?

A: Yes, once you have purchased a Pleasure Beach Pass you can purchase ride tickets from our Ticket Centre or from any retail shop on park. Please note that ride tickets are not available to purchase online.

What are Season Passes?

A: Pleasure Beach offer two types of season passes giving frequent visitors fantastic value for money:
1. Platinum Pass - The platinumpass™ gives you an unlimited ride wristband for every day of the 2014 season, that’s over 200 days of fun! Plus don’t miss our Spectacular Dancing Water Show.

2. Diamond Pass - The diamondpass™ gives you a pleasurebeachpass™ for every day of the 2014 season, that’s over 200 days of fun! Enjoy the ambience of the park, ride on the Pleasure Beach Express, explore the Maze and experience our Spectacular Dancing Water Show.

What is Nickelodeon Land?

A: Nickelodeon Land is part of Pleasure Beach Blackpool and anyone who has an Unlimited Ride Wristband can enjoy the 12 new rides on there plus a chance to meet up with some of the best-known Nickelodeon characters .Blackpool Pleasure Beach cannot guarantee that characters from Nickelodeon Land and Wallace & Gromit will appear at the attraction every day.

How do I receive my Wristbands and Passes?

A: All Wristbands and Passes must be collected from our Ticket Centre.
Every member of the group must be present when collecting Wristbands as they must be applied by the Ticket Centre staff. We are unable to post out any Wristbands, Passes or tickets.

How much notice must I give in order to book online?

A: Customers have until midnight the day before their visit to book online. No same day bookings can be processed.

What do I need to bring to collect my Wristband or Pleasure Beach Pass?

A: You must bring your reference number with you. If you are unable to print this out please make a note of it somewhere and bring it with you. Your reference number appears on screen once you have booked. You will also be sent a confirmation email with your reference number. Please also bring a form of I.D. either a utility bill/bank statement/Photo ID drivers licence with the purchasers address and postcode.

Where do I collect my Wristband and Pleasure Beach Pass from?

A: Our Ticket Centre - located on the ground floor of the Casino Building adjacent to the main entrance. Please note opening and closing times vary, please call 0871 222 1234 to check.

What if I am purchasing on behalf of someone else?

A: First, please make sure you are comfortable making the booking for the person. After that the person must bring with them the reference number for the booking and can quote the name, address and postcode of the person who made the booking for them.

Can I use the wristband on a different day to the one I booked?

A: No, all Wristbands and pleasurebeachpasses are non-transferable and must be used on the day it was booked. This also applies if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you must use the wristband on the day it was intended as we cannot offer refunds.

I am staying at the Big Blue Hotel, where can I collect my Wristbands from?

A: All Big Blue Hotel guests can collect their Wristbands from reception and have access to a special VIP entrance to Pleasure Beach which can be accessed between 10am and 11.30am.

Are there any special offers open to groups wishing to come to Pleasure Beach?

A: For the latest offers sign up to an account on this website or become a fan of Pleasure Beach on Facebook. Here you will get all the latest information on deals.

Can I redeem Tesco vouchers with Pleasure Beach?

A: Yes, Once you have exchanged your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for wristband/s, direct with Tesco, you will receive a Tesco Rewards Token for Blackpool Pleasure Beach. To exchange the Token/s please visit the dedicated section on Blackpool Pleasure Beach website and follow these steps:

- Enter the token code in the box provided and click 'Activate Token' button. Your wristband will be added to the shopping basket.
- If you have more than one token code, simply repeat the process above.
- Select the date you wish to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach
- Click 'Continue to Checkout' button
- Please review the Terms and Conditions and click 'Continue to Checkout' button
- Please enter your details in the fields provided and click 'Continue' button
- Once you have completed the checkout process your reference number will be shown on the screen and an email will be sent confirming your booking reference number. Please note this will be your E-Ticket, please bring this with you when collecting your wristbands.

FOR PART PAY TOKENS: Follow the steps above. When prompted choose your payment method and follow the instructions on the screen.

Why have we asked for a delivery address?

A: Retail items will be sent to the delivery address specified.

How do I know my booking has been confirmed?

A: If you have a reference number then you have a confirmed booking.

What if I don’t have a printer or don’t receive a confirmation email?

A: In some cases you may not receive an email, this maybe because the address has been blocked or not been recognised. Simply make a note of your reference number and bring it with you.

Are the online offers applicable if I call up or just arrive on park?

A: No, all offers online can only be booked if you are registered online and have access to a computer.

Can I use a Junior Wristband on the Pepsi Max Big One?

A: Yes all our ride wristbands are valid on all the rides on the park (except the Go Karts). As long as you are tall enough, you'll be able to ride. Height restrictions apply.

During my visit can I leave the park and return?

A: If you want to leave and return to Pleasure Beach on the same day please see an Ambassador at the main entrance before you leave.

I got Payment Failure message at the end of my booking?

A: Please ensure your billing details entered on the Pleasure Beach website are correct. * Cardholder name entered as it appears on the card * Billing address entered as it displayed on card statement * Leaving the issue number blank.

What is Card Security Verification or 3D-Secure?

A: Visa 3D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode are additional security measures used by some card issuers. Both systems are based on a payment authentication process where a cardholder making a purchase is verified to be the real cardholder. During online payment you may be transferred to the card issuer’s web site, and asked additional security questions to confirm that you are genuine cardholder. In event of failure to complete 3D-Secure process successfully, payment will not be accepted. The details of 3D-Secure process depend on the card issuer and it is not under Pleasure Beach, Resort’s control. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your card issuer.

What is the policy for children under 2?

A: Under 2s that visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach receive a free Pleasure Beach Pass to enter the park, which includes the Chinese Puzzle Maze, Pleasure Beach Express, Bradley And Bella's Learning Garden and the spectacular Dancing Water Fountain. Please note that this does not include access onto any Main Park or Nickelodeon Land rides.

Children who are aged two and over require either a Wristband or Pleasure Beach Pass to enter our park.

Children are only permitted to ride our rides providing they meet the following criteria:
1) The child is able to walk unaided.
2) Possesses either a Wristband or individual Ride Tickets.
3) They meet the height restrictions. On certain rides if they fail to meet the height restrictions, they are able to ride with a responsible person who also has either a Wristband or Ride Tickets.

Can my children come to the park unaccompanied?

A: We request that all children are supervised by a responsible person preferably over the age of 12.
Height restrictions apply on many of our rides and in some cases are not suitable for small children. It is advised that children are supervised by a responsible person who exceeds our maximum height requirement of 132cm.

Where can I find lost property on Pleasure Beach?

A: All lost property is taken to our security office. If you think you may have lost something during your visit please return to the Information Desk in the Ticket Centre who will inform our security team.

What is Pleasure Beach's policy relating to charity requests?

A: Blackpool Pleasure Beach is proud to support a number of local and national charities in their work both at home and abroad. While we cannot offer direct monetary sponsoship, in cases where a request meets our criteria we are happy to donate a 2 for 1 wristband voucher to be used as a prize in raffles or auctions.Please go to the contact us page to submit a request.

Due to large number of requests we recieve, we are unable to reply to everyone who contacts us. If you do not recieve a response from us, unfortunately your request has not be successful on this occasion, however we send you our best wishes for a most successful fundraising event.

Charity requests submitted by post should be on letterheaded paper if possible and should also include a charity number (if applicable). Please address them to the PR & Marketing department and be sure to include a return postal address.

I've booked a show online, where can I pick up my tickets?

A: All tickets for shows can be collected from the Ticket Centre in the Casino building, the Horseshoe, The Globe and The Arena.

Pleasure Beach picnic policy

A: Due to the intensity of rides and attractions within the 42 acre site there is limited space and picnics are not permitted beyond the main entrance. A dedicated picnic area with tables and umbrellas is provided adjacent to the entrance of Pleasure Beach on the Adventure Golf site.

Allowances are made for guests with special dietary requirements and dedicated picnic areas are also provided for school parties booked in advance. Storage facilities are provided for those who bring outside food to the park. See our question relating to lockers for full details on pricing.

Guests with special dietary requirements can report to an Ambassador upon arrival.

Pleasure Beach is located on the seafront of South Beach, Blackpool and its fantastic promenade and golden sands provide additional picnic spots enjoyed by many.

Do you provide lockers?

A: We have a range of lockers available to keep your valuables safe and secure during your visit.
Lockers are located at multiple points inside and outside the park.
Not all locker types are available at all locations. Please see an Ambassador or ask in the Ticket Centre when you arrive for details.
1 Hour*4 Hours*All Day**
£1.00 £2.00 £3.00
£1.50 £2.50 £3.50
N/A N/A £3.50
N/A N/A £4.50
N/A N/A £4.00
N/A N/A £5.00

Small Locker Medium Locker Medium Family Locker Large Group Locker Large Locker Extra Large Locker
Personal Items Made for sharing - personal items Jackets, bags, personal items Made for sharing Hampers, coolboxes, small luggage Large luggage, family share

* Excess time is due upon return. Unlimited access during the time period.

** Overnight storage is not permitted. Unlimited access during the time period.

Payment is in coins only. A change machine is located in the locker room adjacent to The Plaice.


A: Please note smoking, including E-cigarettes, is not permitted in any queue lines for rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach or in the Nickelodeon Land area of the park . Guests are kindly requested to observe this at all times.

Are selfie sticks allowed?

A: No. The use of handheld extension poles for cameras and cell phones such as selfie sticks is not permitted to be used on rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.