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Park Guide

Guests with disabilities

Click Here to download our Access Guide in PDF format.

Pleasure Beach is a member of BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions) and welcomes visits by people with disabilities to its Amusement Park.

Pleasure Beach will do everything possible to ensure its guests have a safe and pleasurable stay. However, certain rides and attractions in our Park are physically demanding and vigorous. Pleasure Beach therefore reserves the right to refuse admission to any ride or attraction should we feel there is an unacceptable risk to your safety or the safety of others should they participate.

Pleasure Beach have been advised that in refusing to provide admission to rides and attractions on the grounds of health and safety this is not discriminatory and this is provided for in the Equality Act 2010. This view is endorsed by the HSE.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach hopes that you understand and accept this statement, which is made in the interests of health and safety.

We have a created an access guide which explains the nature of all our rides and attractions in detail. Click here to download a PDF copy of this guide. Printed copies are also available in the Ticket Centre upon arrival. Guests can make use of this guide to get a realistic picture of which rides or attractions would be available to them should they choose to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Ticketing and Pricing Options

There are no discounted rates for guests with disabilities. However, we recognise that, depending on a person’s ability, they may not be able to have access to all rides and attractions. Therefore, as an alternative to our unlimited ride wristbands, tickets for individual rides and attractions may be purchased. Should you wish to use only tickets then guests will also need to purchase a Pleasure Beach Pass for entry into the park.

If a guest requires the assistance of a carer then that person will need to purchase either a ride wristband (at the discounted junior rate), or, if the guest has purchased only a Park Entry Pass, then the carer/helper will be issued with a Park Entry Pass (maximum of one) free of charge. The Pleasure Beach Pass includes 4 great attractions, click here for more details on the Pleasure Beach Pass.

Individual ride tickets can be bought at many retail outlets on Park.  Ride Tickets allow guests to pay for rides on an individual basis although a ride wristband is often better value, especially when booked online in advance. Please refer to our additional information on  Individual Ride Tickets.

Ride Queues

For those guests who have a recognised medical condition which prevents them from being able to queue for access to a ride or attraction, we are able to offer to that guest a unique ride wristband which will have the letter E endorsed upon it. This wristband is called the Entry-via-Exit (EvE) wristband and allows the wearer and one other person who has either a valid ride wristband or ride tickets to enter the ride via the exit or Speedy Pass gate. The ride staff will then permit entry when safe to do so.

Please note that in the event of a ride breakdown it will still be necessary to wait, queue, interact, understand and follow instructions to ensure the health and safety of everyone is not compromised. The EvE wristband does not remove the requirement to comply with our normal operating requirements and procedures. In the event that operational staff believe that a person’s safety may be compromised they have the right to refuse entry. The same ride can only be accessed using the EvE wristband at 1 hour intervals. The EvE wristband cannot be transferred.

On some rides and attractions, and depending on the nature and extent of a person’s disability, we may require guests to be accompanied on the ride/attraction. This is to ensure the safety of both the guest and also all others. The accompanying carer/helper must be able to assist the guest into and out of the ride carriage both in its natural operation and also in an evacuation. They must also be able to communicate to the guest all safety signage, instructions and communications. He/she will also be required to sit next to the guest.

We are only able to offer this wristband to those guests who are able to provide evidence of their condition in the form of a letter from a medical practitioner which confirms the condition and its effects upon the guest. Please note that DLA letters are unfortunately not acceptable proof of a medical condition. Although our Ticket Sales staff are permitted to exercise their common sense and discretion, the only way to ensure the provision of an EvE band is with an appropriate letter from a medical practitioner.

If you book online please book your wristbands online as normal. You will be issued with an e-ticket which you must present at our Ticket Sales Department. You must also present the letter stating your condition and the EvE wristband will then be issued. Upon receipt of your e-ticket it would be helpful if you could send an email before your visit confirming your need to be issued with an EvE wristband. If possible, please attach a copy of the letter of proof of condition. This will help speed up the transaction in the Ticket Centre.

If you purchase your ride wristband in any other way, please notify Sales staff of your request when you arrive in the Ticket Centre and produce the proof of condition letter. We will issue EvE wristbands as necessary.

Should a guest’s medical condition prevent them from queueing in the Ticket Centre, please see an Ambassador and they will fast-track you to the front of the Ticket Centre queue.

We are happy to receive further questions relating to access issues, please contact us should there be anything further we can help you with. Again, we refer you to our Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities which you can download in PDF format.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pleasure Beach soon.

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