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Hot Ice: Passion (2014) Bundle

£23.99 £20.00

In this bundle you will receive a copy of the DVD and Programme for this special price. Saving you £3.99!!

Available both online for delivery and for collection in the Arena.

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About this product

Hot Ice is a dream that is brought to life by the stunning lighting that reflects the mood and magnificence of each scene. The young and dynamic skaters gracefully slide and glide into a world of creative paradise with intricate choreography performed to beautifully written music conceived and inspired by the greatest soundtracks to our lives.

This DVD encapsulates the 2014 performance of Hot Ice: Passion.

Passion is an enticing creation performed by international and world-class figure skating champions from around the globe, as well as talented and creative speciality artists from around the world of cirque. They have been cast for their individualism.

Passion lies deep within us all.

A word from the Director…

‘Marvel at the talent, enjoy the beauty and grace, be amazed by the passion that has been put into every element of this production. Live entertainment is our passion.’ – A.J. Thompson OBE