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Valhalla Keyrings


RIDE THE ADVENTURE! These two Valhalla keyrings feature bespoke designs on beautifully presented Valhalla themed header cards.


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About this product

A Blackpool Pleasure Beach Exclusive…

Attention to detail weathering effect on the Valhalla keyring.

Both keyrings are custom finished in rose gold

Both keyrings are gift-ready with a custom Valhalla header card

It’s all in the details… 

Valhalla standard keyring features the iconic ‘V’ Valhalla logo with engraving along the edging of the ring. This keyring has an overall length of 9.5cm and a width of 4cm.

The Valhalla spinner keyring features the Valhalla logo on one side and Blackpool Pleasure Beach logo on the other. The edging of the keyring presents the famous logo “Ride the Adventure”. This keyring has an overall length of 8cm and a width of 4cm.

Real spinning action Valhalla keyring