3 horses, 3 tracks, 1 race!
The Steeplechase is on!

Get ready to ride the Steeplechase!
Swing your leg over your very own horse and buckle up ready for a race with jumps, twists and turns.

The Steeplechase is a one of a kind three lane steel coaster where there can only be one winner!


  • Track Length 1500ft
  • Max Speed 30mph
  • Height Required 127cm
  • Height 40ft
  • Ride Tickets Required 3
  • Opened 1977

Guests must exhibit the following attributes for admission to this amusement ride:

  • At least 127cm tall
  • Wristband or 3 Ride Tickets
  • Ability to independently maintain seated postural control under the dynamic conditions of the ride
  • Ability to withstand high G-forces and/or sudden and rapid changes in direction of forces
  • Muscular control of upper torso, neck and head
  • Ability to enter/exit the device unaided through proper entrance/exit
  • Ability to grasp/grip with 2 functional arms
  • Ability to brace with 2 functional legs
  • Ability to walk/climb unassisted over obstacles

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for Guests with Disabilities