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Trips to Blackpool

If you’re thinking about arranging some trips to Blackpool with your family or friends in the near future, you’re onto a winner. For many years, this seaside town has been one of the most energetic and vibrant locations in the entire British Isles.

Indeed, many tourists even travel from abroad to witness the sights and sounds of this wonderful area. Thanks to increased investment, there are now more attractions than ever before to keep everyone happy. It doesn’t matter if you prefer roller coasters or world class shows. In Blackpool, everything can be found within the same three-mile stretch.



Traveling to Blackpool

There are many different ways of getting to Blackpool. As a result of more parking spaces, most people choose to drive from their home. However, there is nothing stopping you from arriving via coach, train, or plane. The airport in this town is one of the smallest in the country, but ticket prices are reasonable. You should only need to use that method if you’re traveling a long distance though. Any less than two-hundred miles, and most of your journey will take place on the motorway. So, it’s not like you’re going to get lost. Just follow the signs.

Having fun in Blackpool

The Pleasure Beach should be your first stop on an entertainment tour of this seaside location. There, you will encounter lots of rides suitable for the entire family. Nickelodeon Land and the new Wallace and Gromit attractions are always popular with children. However, there are lots of cool rides for adults too. You could take a turn on the Big Dipper before catapulting yourself towards the heavens on the Ice Blast. Once you’ve tried all the rides, you can spend your evening enjoying a top show. Hypnosis and mediumship are popular in Blackpool, and so you’re certain to witness something out of the ordinary.


Eating in Blackpool

When to comes to grabbing a bite to eat, you will be spoiled for choice. Most people want a decent sandwich during the day, and so you should take the time to find the Arena Cafe Bar. In the evenings, you could try something a little more daring. Coasters Diner, Loki’s Bar, and the Ice Lounge should be on your list. That said, there are also many places that serve burgers, pizza, or fish and chips.

You’ll find that Blackpool has hundreds of hotels and alternative accommodation to suit every pocket. There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a luxury room when you can get something adequate for as little as £30 per night. At the end of the day, you’re coming to a place where there are lots of activities and enough bars to keep even the most determined drinker happy. So, you won’t spend that much time in your room anyway.


The peak season in Blackpool runs from May to September, and that is the best time to take your trip. With a bit of luck, the weather should be nice during your stay, and you will get to spend time on the beach.