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  • We look forward to welcoming you back to share in our 125th year.
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Slimefest 2021
Coming to our venue
16 Oct 2021 - 17 Oct 2021
1:00pm, 6:00pm
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Your hosts return for loads more SLIME, MUSIC and MAYHEM!


The singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, radio presenter, television presenter and fitness model (is there anything she can't do) Fleur East headlines on Saturday 16th October!


John Newman joins the fun on Sunday 17th October when he will be belting out some of his most iconic hits!


Smashing onto the scene in 2020 with his Top 3 hit ‘See Nobody’, now joins the amazing line-up across the weekend.


The reigning champion of ‘The Voice UK’, will appear across all 2 days of the slime-filled event.


The X-Factor: Celebrity Stars are back - for every performance!


The incredible BAFTA-Award winning dance group DIVERSITY is back for a fifth slime-filled year!


Get ready for the TikTok star to host SLIMEFEST 2021!


Kid Rain is here to perform at SLIMEFEST on the 16th and 17th October!

SLIMEFEST is presented by Nickelodeon in partnership with VisitBlackpool.

This year’s show will be hosted by Diversity’s Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, as well as BRAND-NEW hosts, social media stars and singers Max & Harvey, and TikTok sensation Holly H.

Wes Nelson joins the SLIMEFEST 2021 line-up

Wes completes the final announcement completing the amazing line-up across the weekend

Wes Nelson, who smashed onto the scene in 2020 with his Top 3 hit ‘See Nobody’, joins the Slimefest 2021 line-up as the final announcement completing the amazing line-up across the weekend. Wes Nelson will be joining Hosts Jordan and Perri, Max and Harvey and Holly H to perform to fans across both Saturday 16th October and Sunday the 17th October.


Fleur East, who will be headlining SLIMEFEST on Saturday 16th October, first found fame on ITV’s X Factor followed by a succession of chart-topping singles! She now continues to make waves across national radio and TV through her role as a broadcaster, hosting on shows such as This Morning and her Hits Radio show, as well as presenting on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and fronting new primetime ITV game show The Void alongside Ashley Banjo.

Blessing, the 18-year-old Zimbabwe-born vocal powerhouse from Dudley and reigning champion of ‘The Voice’, will appear across all 2 days of the slime-filled event, performing gospel-infused songs from her newly released debut album “Count My Blessings”.


Number 1 artist John Newman and BAFTA award-winning dance group Diversity are set to join the line-up for this year’s Slimefest event. Newman will be joining the SLIMEFEST mayhem for the very first time, while iconic dance group Diversity will be returning for a fifth slime-filled year at The Arena, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

With one of the most distinctive voices in music and a string of number 1 singles, Newman is guaranteed to light up the slime pit and have ticket holders rocking all night when he performs Sunday 17th October and belts out some of his most iconic hits!


Nickelodeon’s SLIMEFEST returns to Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool on the 16th and 17th October 2021, in partnership with VisitBlackpool.

Filled with SLIME, MUSIC and MAYHEM join Nickelodeon for the slimiest event of the year here in Blackpool. With hosts, Jordan and Perri, Max and Harvey and Holly H, PLUS amazing music acts, special guests, and most importantly SLIME, you would be crazy to miss it!

Oh, and shhh, we have a super slimy, big green secret to tell you. There is only ONE way for children 8-15 years old to experience the SLIME and get you up-close to your favourite stars, and that is with a SLIME PIT ticket. Accompanying parents/guardians & younger children can experience the fun with a seated ticket or a standing adult ticket (for adults and kids 15yrs +)

What are you waiting for?

Join us for the biggest SLIME-soaked event of the year!


For more information head to


Performance Dates and Times:

Saturday 16th October 2021: 13.00 – TICKETS AVAILABLE 

Saturday 16th October 2021: 18.00 – TICKETS AVAILABLE

Sunday 17th October 2021: 13.00 –  SLIME PIT – limited availability, please call 0871 222 9090

Sunday 17th October 2021: 18.00


SLIMEFEST Ticket Prices

SLIME PIT Tickets, Adult Standing Tickets or Adult/Child Seated Tickets


Why not make a day or weekend of it?

Purchase a Blackpool Pleasure Beach eTicket to experience all the thrilling rides and attractions including the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land. Just £35 per person for a whole day of fun. You can choose to use you eTicket for one day on either the 16th, 17th or 18th October.
All tickets purchased are strictly non-refundable.*

The Pleasure Beach Arena will strictly follow Government and Health Authority guidelines.  A whole range of Covid-19 procedures and protocols have been implemented to ensure the safety of guests, staff and performers.  The wearing of face coverings may be required in designated areas and organisers will update ticket holders closer to the event with any specific procedures relating to Covid-19.  SLIMEFEST will be compliant with any Covid-19 regulations applicable at the time.



Ticket Information

What are the different ticket options?

Adult/Child Seated Tickets: These are arena-style seats around the central area (SLIME PIT) of the auditorium. Seated tickets are available to all attendees of SLIMEFEST with no age restriction. However, children under 15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (there must be 1 Adult to every 4 children). Children over 15 years old are allowed to purchase seating tickets without a parent or guardian. The best seats available will be allocated at the time of purchase. Seated ticket holders will not be slimed but you may receive incidental brushes with SLIME as we cannot guarantee where it will land. Due to the positioning of the SLIME PIT, all Seated Ticket holders will have visibility of the SLIME PIT, but individual children may not be seen.

Adult Standing Tickets: These are standing tickets at the back of the SLIME PIT for adults and children aged 15 years or older only. We may ask for proof of age, so please bring along valid ID, which includes a passport, birth certificate, Health card or School ID. Standing Adult Tickets are standing only tickets, and those with tickets are expected to stand for the entire approximate 90-minute experience. Standing Adult ticket holders will not be slimed but you may receive incidental brushes with SLIME as we cannot guarantee where it will land.

SLIME PIT Tickets: SLIME PIT tickets are only available to kids aged 8-15 who are accompanied by a parent or guardian (parent or guardian must have purchased a seated ticket or an Adult Standing Ticket). If we believe there is a child in the SLIME PIT outside of these ages, we may ask the parent or guardian for valid ID of the child. If you have purchased a SLIME PIT ticket please ensure you bring this in case requested. Valid ID includes a passport, birth certificate, Health card or School ID. SLIME PIT tickets are standing only tickets with those in the SLIME PIT expected to stand for the entire approximate 90 minute experience. Those with SLIME PIT tickets will likely get very messy. Children must be happy to be left without their parent or guardian and are expected to stand for the duration of the experience. If a child needs to leave the SLIME PIT during the show for any reason aside from needing the toilet, they will not be readmitted. Children in the SLIME PIT who need the toilet will be taken by an appointed Nickelodeon chaperone; children will not be allowed to go to the toilets unattended. Parents/Guardians must be happy for their child to be chaperoned. Children in the SLIME PIT may be covered in SLIME. Climbing over rails,running, sliding or throwing of the SLIME is not allowed in the SLIME PIT. Nickelodeon and Venue Management reserve the right to remove children who do not comply with these rules.

How old do you need to be to attend SLIMEFEST?

Anyone can come to SLIMEFEST, but please read through the following ticket restrictions;

What is the parent or guardian to child ratio?

  • Every child must be accompanied by an adult. One adult can accompany up to 4 children.
  • Only children aged 8-15 years old can go into the SLIME PIT (but they must be accompanied to the event by a parent or guardian with a Seated or an Adult Standing Ticket)
  • Adults and children aged 15 years and older are allowed Adult Standing Tickets• Adults and children aged 15 years and older are allowed Adult Standing TicketsAll attendees aged 2-year-old and over can purchase seated tickets in the arena.
  • Babies under 2 will need to be carried by parents and will not need to pay for tickets, they will not have their own seat. If you wish for a child aged 2 years or under to have their own seat, you will need to purchase them a ticket. Children aged 15+ unaccompanied without a parent or guardian, are allowed in the seated area.

What tickets will I be sent?

At least 2 weeks ahead of the show, you will receive your printed paper ticket and wristbands.

Can I collect my ticket at the venue?

All tickets will be posted out prior to the event.


Can I replace a lost ticket?

Tickets cannot be duplicated so it’s important to look after them! Wristbands can be replaced, please speak with the onsite box office to do so.


What tickets do I need to bring?

You need to bring BOTH your printed tickets and wristbands to the arena to gain entry. Wristbands do not gain entry to the venue; you must have your printed tickets with you to gain entry. Wristbands may be replaced but tickets cannot. if your child is in the Slime Pit, you should bring along proof of ID in case requested. Valid proof of ID is a copy of photo ID showing DOB. Valid ID includes a passport, birth certificate, Health card or School ID.


Do I need to do anything in advance of the show?

SLIME PIT Tickets: Prior to arrival parents should write their mobile phone number on the child’s SLIME PIT wristband with a PERMANENT BLACK MARKER PEN.


I have a disability / require accessible assistance. Where can I find more information or purchase

If you require disabled/accessible seating or you would like to discuss any accessibility concerns, please contact Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena Ticket Office by phone: 01253 341033 (select option 5. Phone lines are open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm), by email: [email protected], or by completing the online form at



Will I get Slimed?

  • SLIME PIT Tickets: High chance of being covered in SLIME.
  • Adult Standing Tickets: A SLIME-free zone. *
  • Seated Tickets: A SLIME-free zone. *

*Please do be aware that regardless of where you are seated, all attendees may experience incidental brushes with SLIME as we will be releasing tonnes of the green goo and cannot guarantee where it will land!


Can parents or guardians access the SLIME PIT too?

No, the SLIME PIT is a parent and guardian free zone! Parents or guardians will be able to see the SLIME PIT area throughout the show, and meet their slimy children afterwards in a designated area. Nickelodeon has an experienced team on the ground to ensure the safety of children in all areas at all times.

Will children be allowed to leave the SLIME PIT to go to the toilet or see their parents or guardians in the seated area?

Children will be allowed to go to the toilet only if escorted by a Nickelodeon chaperone. Children will not be allowed in the seating area to see their parent or guardian unless they have purchased a seat in this area.


What if my child is uncomfortable and wants to leave the SLIME PIT area?

The SLIME PIT area will be the centre of all of the SLIMEFEST action however, we understand that some children may become tired or overwhelmed in the SLIME PIT and wish to leave. If you think that this might be the case with your child, we would recommend purchasing an additional seated ticket upfront for them to ensure they have the option of sitting to watch the show.


When will I be reunited with my child who has a SLIME PIT ticket?

Parents or guardians will be reunited with their child in the foyer of the arena. They will be required to wait until their wristband colour is announced on stage which can take up to 30 minutes, if not longer.



Children’s safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to Nickelodeon. We require that all slime provided at our events is safe and compliant with applicable health and safety regulations and requirements.
There is a small risk of minor skin irritation after prolonged contact with the SLIME. It can discolour and stain hair, clothes, accessories and shows, so make sure your kids are wearing their not so fave clothes. Optional ponchos will be available for those entering the Slime Pit. Don’t forget, SLIME should never be eaten!



  • Do not eat SLIME!
  • If you are in the SLIME PIT you will almost certainly be Slimed.
  • Seated Tickets are in a SLIME free zone. Please do be aware that regardless of where you are seated, all attendees may receive incidental brushes with SLIME as we cannot guarantee where the SLIME may land!
  • No throwing SLIME.
  • The SLIME is very slippy so no pushing or intentional sliding in SLIME.
  • The SLIME stays in the SLIME PIT. The audience is not permitted to flick or throw any SLIME on stage or at other audience members. If you are caught doing this you may be asked to leave the SLIME PIT and the arena.
  • No climbing on or over the barrier surrounding the SLIME PIT as this will be slippery and dangerous, if you want to leave then ask a member of staff in the SLIME PIT and they will help you get cleaned up.
  • Lastly have fun.


How do my child(ren) enter the Slime Pit?

A designated parent or guardian is required to take all children in their party who have a SLIME PIT ticket to the SLIME PIT zone upon arrival. The designated parent or guardian is responsible for ensuring all children in their party arrive with their pre-sent wristbands to ensure entry into the SLIME PIT. Without a wristband, children could encounter delays getting into the SLIME PIT. Prior to arrival at the venue, it is the designated parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure a contact telephone number is written on each child’s wristband in permanent black marker pen in case of emergency during the show. The designated parent or guardian must be available throughout the show to collect their child if they are required to do so, and they must have a mobile phone to be contacted. Mobile phones must be set to vibrate so the designated parent or guardian can be contacted within the arena.


How do I get reunited with my Slimey child(ren) after the show?

At the end of the experience, parents or guardians will be asked to wait for approx. 30 minutes before they are reunited with their child from the SLIME PIT. The designated parent or guardian will be directed to an appointed meeting point to collect their child after the show or upon instructions from Nickelodeon or Venue Management. Instructions will be given by a representative on stage directing attendees where to go. There will be on stage announcements made in order to safely reunite parents or guardians with their child/children in the foyer of the arena.

General Event Information

Is there a difference between each show?

The SLIMEFEST experience starts the moment you enter the arena and will feature hosted games, slimings and music before the music acts and star guests come on stage. Filled with SLIME, MUSIC and MAYHEM you do not want to miss it! Different live acts will appear on each day and are subject to change or substituted last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

What should I wear?

It’s best to avoid wearing light clothing, shoes and accessories if you are in the SLIME PIT area, as it will get pretty messy and slime can cause discolouration. It’s also a good idea to bring a change of clothes and a spare towel for the trip home. However please note that there will not be changing rooms on site, and therefore any change of clothes must occur outside of the venue and not in the corridors or foyer.

It’s my child’s birthday, can you give them a shout out on stage?

SLIMEFEST is a GREAT place to spend your birthday! Due to the timings of the event and the number of requests we receive, unfortunately this isn’t something we can facilitate, however, if you wish to add something a little extra special for the birthday child, why not take a look at NickSlimeFest website where our official SLIMEFEST merchandise is available.

Are there cloakroom facilities to keep our stuff Slime free?

Yes! There are cloakroom places available outside the main venue.

When can I enter the SLIMEFEST venue at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Doors will open 60 minutes prior to the performance time printed on your tickets.

Late entry Policy

Last entry will be 15 minutes before official start time of event. Every effort shall be made to admit latecomers to the Event at a suitable break in the Event, which may be the interval, but late admission cannot be guaranteed

When will the show finish?

The experience will last approximately 90 minutes from the advertised start time and include performances, warm up acts, camera rehearsals and on-stage managed exit from the arena. The 90 minute experience does not constitute 90 minutes of non-stop performances from participating acts. The event may run over 90 minutes due to filming purposes so please leave plenty of time when planning your travel arrangements.

Is there a break?

No, the show will run straight through.

Can we bring food and drink into the show?

You can’t bring any food or drink purchased outside Blackpool Pleasure Beach into the arena with you. There is food and drink available to purchase inside the venue.

Will I be filmed?

Nickelodeon’s cameras will be on the ground at the event filming official content for our TV channel, website and social media.

What does my ticket include?

If you have bought a ticket to SLIMEFEST then you have entry to the show at either the 1pm or 6pm performances on the date stated on your booking.

How loud will it be?

SLIMEFEST can get pretty noisy! The noise level of the amplified music averages around 98 dbs, and our audience can get pretty loud too! We recommend bringing age appropriate ear defenders.

Will you be selling Merchandise?

Official SLIMEFEST merchandise is available Please note due to Covid-19 we cant guarantee merchandise will be on sale at the venue.

Is there a cash machine?

Cash machines (charges may apply) are located within a 10 minute walk of the venue. We request that guests use contactless payment only during your visit to SLIMEFEST

Where can I collect lost property?

If you have lost something during the show please speak with a steward, chaperone or member of staff. Lost property is held at the Welfare Desk at the venue. If you do not realise until you have left the venue, please contact the venue directly on [email protected] or 01253 341033

Can I bring a camera / take photos on my mobile phone? 

The venue’s standard policy dictates that anything with a 35mm+ lens, audio, and video recording cameras are not allowed. If your camera has a detachable lens, you won’t be allowed to bring it into the auditorium. Small cameras/camera phones are allowed, however, slime and devices don’t mix well so we recommend keeping it in your pockets/bag when in the SLIME zone.

Is there a place I can leave a Prams/Pushchair?

Prams and Pushchairs can be checked into the cloakroom at the venue.

Where can I find out more info in the lead up to SLIMEFEST? to buy tickets and merchandise, or if you want to get excited for the SLIME of your life with some additional content such as games and videos, head to For ticketing enquires please contact Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena at [email protected].


How do I get to SLIMEFEST, at the Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool?

  • By Road – take junction 32 off the M6 onto the M55. Follow signs for Blackpool, South Shore (via Blackpool Airport) and then follow the brown tourist signs to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.
    SAT NAV: postcode FY4 1EZ
  • By Rail – regular train services run to Blackpool North and direct to Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s own mainline station via Preston.
  • By Tram – Pleasure Beach has its own tram stop located just outside the entrance.
  • By Air – Manchester International Airport is 55 minutes away. A direct train to Preston is available from this airport. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is 60 minutes away.

    Can I park at the venue?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has four car parks, but are likely to be busy for this event. Car parking charges apply.
They are located at:

  • North Entrance, Balmoral Road, FY4 1HR
  • East Car Park, Bond Street, FY4 1BW
  • West Car Park, Ocean Boulevard, FY4 1PL
  • Railway Station Car Park, Bond Street, FY4 1HW
    Parking facilities for disabled guests are available at the car parks listed above.
    We also recommend the following Blackpool Council car parks which are all within a 15 minute walk of the venue. Car parking charges apply:
  • South Beach Car Park, South Promenade, FY4 1PL
  • South Car Park, Yeadon Way, FY1 6BF
  • Lytham Road Car Park, FY4 1HT
  • Wimbourne Place, New South Promenade, FY4 1NJ

Where can I stay in Blackpool?

VisitBlackpool are delighted to be partnering with SLIMEFEST again. If you need any help booking accommodation, please go to

What is the booking fee?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach charges a £1 booking fee for each SLIMEFEST Ticket purchased up to a maximum of £5 per transaction. This fee is applied to both online and telephone bookings.

My question hasn’t been answered, how do I contact you to ask direct?

If you have a question we haven’t covered, you can contact the venue directly on
[email protected] or by calling 01253 341033

Important information for parents

Nickelodeon’s SLIMEFEST is a child and family-focused event. We do everything we can to ensure an amazing experience for all of our guests, with safety being our number one priority. Our dedicated team are positioned at every one of SLIMEFEST’s access points to ensure all children are 100% supervised no matter where they are standing. SLIMEFEST gives children and families a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will treasure forever! Please contact us should you have any questions at [email protected]

We recommend towels and a change of clothes for the trip home, along with some plastic bags to take SLIME-drenched items home in.

*I can’t attend SLIMEFEST due to Covid-19?

If you are unable to attend the show due to Covid-19 then we will transfer your booking to an alternative date or refund your booking.  If SLIMEFEST 2021 is unable to proceed due to Government or Health Authority guidance we will transfer your booking to an alternative date or refund your booking.  The terms and conditions relating to this are:

  • Valid on advance bookings for SLIMEFEST 2021 booked via
  • Requests for transfers and refunds due to Covid-19 must be requested at least 24 hours prior to your visit date.  Requests within 24 hours cannot be accepted.
  • For bookings not made directly with Blackpool Pleasure Beach please refer to your ticket seller’s terms and conditions.
  • Any refunds will be based on the original value of your booking less the booking fee applicable to your booking.
  • Free transfers to alternative dates will be subject to available capacity on the date of your choice.
  • Any refunds will be paid back to the original card/payment type used to make the booking.  Once we have processed the refund your payment provider can take up to 5 days to process your refund back into your account.  Payments made via PayPal can take up to 30 days.

Want to know more?

See the SLIMEFEST Terms and Conditions