Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Job Name: Team Member

Seasonal/Permanent: Seasonal

Reports to: Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

About the role:

1. To ensure a high standard of personal appearance and cleanliness is maintained, uniforms are clean, pressed, and in good condition and are worn correctly at all times with name badge clearly visible.
2. To carry out tasks within the restaurant in accordance with Burger King Standard.
3. To ensure that the work you are assigned is completed to the required standard.
4. To be responsible for the presentation of the restaurant and all areas are clean, litter and debris free, and that the highest standards are maintained at all times.
5. To ensure that the equipment, building, and surrounding areas of the restaurant are in good repair, free from hazard, and provide a safe environment for the employees and guests.
6. To immediately communicate to your manager/supervisor any problems or incidents.
7. To assist in the preparation of reports related to any incidents occurring within the restaurant.
8. To ensure health and safety and food safety are followed at all times.
9. To ensure that produce is at the best possible standard, for taste, and for hygiene at all times.
10. To carry out a variety of tasks throughout the production process, from cleaning to cash handling.

Guest Service

1. To provide the highest standard of customer service, ensuring every customer and colleague is treated in a friendly and helpful manner and that all inquiries are dealt with in a positive way.
2. To have the product knowledge to give advice and guidance on product selection to guests.
3. To continually strive for improvement in all customer service assessments such as the Burger King REV visit.
4. To be aware of any promotional offers and upsell to every customer.
5. To present customers’ food to agreed standards and provide customers with correct change and give a receipt.


1. Be held responsible for the contents of each register, this includes vouchers and cash.
2. To be responsible and held accountable for processing cash and card payments.
3. Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor/manager.
4. To ensure that cash and security procedures are adhered to.
5. Responsible for returning cash to the designated area at the end of the night.
6. To encourage an increase in secondary spending continued upselling.
7. Responsible for security within the Burger King and being vigilant to theft and attempted use of fraudulent cash.

Stock Control

1. Ensure stock is rotated and control of stock holding in Burger King.
2. Replenish stock as required.
3. Receiving, checking of stock sheets, and storing the delivery of large amounts of stock.

Job Relations

1. To inform your manager/supervisor if you feel that you have not received sufficient training.
2. To work to the needs of the business, weekends, and holidays throughout the season.
3. To work closely with other team members to ensure that the restaurant functions as a team and that all information is communicated.
4. To assist your supervisors to carry out reasonable tasks and to promote the success of the restaurant.
5. To assist the Burger King Management team to help with the development and success of the business.


To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as reasonably required by you’re the supervisor/manager based on the changing needs of the business.
In the event that any part of this job description shall conflict with the terms and conditions of your contract for services then the contract shall prevail.

How To Apply:

To apply please complete the form below including your CV and covering letter in the same document: