Using the filters below, enter your own or your child’s height to see which rides you can go on.

We have 19 rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach that children are able to ride irrespective of their height, provided they meet Access Requirements and the following criteria:

• The child must be able to walk unaided i.e. they may not be carried.

• The child must be wearing suitable footwear.

• The child possesses an eTicket

On certain rides, if a child fails to meet the height restrictions, they are able to ride with a responsible person aged 12 years or over who also has an eTicket. For more information on our 19 Rides please visit our webpage HERE.

For details of our access requirements please visit our Accessibility Page HERE.

You can also see the ride height restrictions on each ride on the ride information pages. Please note for Infusion riders must be no taller than 200cm.

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