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Blackpool Pleasure Beach brings together scare zones, haunted ride areas and outrageous live entertainment at the UK’s premier amusement park.

Journey To Hell is reserved for guests aged 10 years or older. An adult must accompany under 16s. There must be no more than a 6:1 under 16 to adult ratio. Please note, Journey To Hell is a scare zone live actor and action based experience which will include rides as part of Journey To Hell outside of normal park operations.

Admission to Journey to Hell is not included with the purchase of an eTicket.

with new added scare experiences

For decades the River Caves has been thrilling guests. But there is a more macabre tale to tell… in the dead of night, when the lights are extinguished, the hypnotic patter of a ritualistic drumbeat begins to echo throughout the many caverns of the River Caves. As evil spirits scream and soar, seemingly determined to engulf all human life with possessive and demonic determination. Do not be mesmerised by the hypnotic resonance of the drum. 

“To be lulled by the percussion of the drum, is to float willingly into the watery realms of the afterlife” 


Unveiling the underground terrors of 1920s Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Step into the eerie world of a new scare zone with a twist. Among the dark corners and hidden alcoves sinister figures lurk. A sudden glimpse of a knife, a chilling whisper in your ear, or an unexpected presence remind you of the constant presence of danger.

The joy of the festive season clashes with the cold grip of fear as you navigate through a workshop gone horribly wrong.

“The darkness that lurks beneath Pleasure Beach, where forgotten nightmares come to life” 


“This Halloween, experience spine-tingling chills and thrills as you ride the rails into the unknown”

The world’s first Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is steeped in history and legend and billed as one of the world’s most haunted rides.

Guests commonly report seeing ghostly apparitions such as a wailing bride or hearing footsteps from the floors above. Staff often refuse to go in the ride alone, commenting that the feel as if they are being watched or that figures within the ride have come alive. 

Eerie circus music and ominous sounds play in the background, setting the tone for what’s to come.

Throughout the maze, you’ll encounter frightening, menacing clown faces, creepy circus performers that create a sinister carnival atmosphere. These elements contribute to a sense of foreboding.

“As you progress deeper into the Freak House, the tension and fear intensify”


Bienvenidos a la Noche de los Muertos!

The realm where life and death dance in macabre harmony. The Day of the Dead Carnevil Scare Zone is a thrilling fusion of tradition and terror that honors the spirits of the departed.

The spirits are watching, and they may have messages for the living. Walk through an ethereal realm where ghostly figures move gracefully amidst the darkness. They may be spirits or something more disturbing lurking in the shadows.

Journey To Hell - Carnevil Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Halloween

with new added scare experiences


Souls who have wandered into a supernatural realm, unable to find their way out.

Within The Lost, you’ll encounter lost souls, vengeful spirits, or otherworldly entities presence throughout. Whispering souls, leaving you with a lingering sense of unease as journey the haunted house.

Stay together or you will be LOST!



Add Pasaje Del Terror to your Journey To Hell Experience.

Pasaje Del Terror is a unique, interactive horror show, celebrating 25 years of taking willing victims beyond the limits of fear. Now, with more surprises than ever, we dare you to brave the UK’s longest running scare attraction.





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