JTH Version Landscape

Blackpool Pleasure Beach brings together scare zones, haunted ride areas and outrageous live entertainment at the UK’s premier amusement park.

Journey to Hell is reserved for guests aged 10 years or older. An adult must accompany under 16’s. There must be no more than a 6:1 under 16 to adult ratio. Please note, Journey To Hell is a scare zone live actor and action based experience which will include two rollercoasters, and 2 dark rides as part of Journey To Hell.

Beneath the park lurks a beastly rabble of survivors that feed on dread and despair. Beware, don’t get left behind, it won’t be just your fear they will feast on!

Roll up Roll up!!!

Never be foolish enough to travel though the Valley of Carnevil Freaks alone. Strange and bizarre is our normal, the ringmaster is always enlisting new talent for his CARNEVIL.

Endless fall to the depths terror. Let the darkness devour you and embrace the abyss on your Journey to Hell.
Celebrate all that is living….

and all that is DEAD.

Tickets please for your journey on the Ghost Train and reunite with the dead.

Can you survive our Scare Maze or will you join the lost souls roaming around for eternity?

Do you have the faith where darkness, stealth and speed roam.

Dark warriors sense your minds are weak.
Dare you test them and prove your Blind Faith. 

Once you enter these cursed caves,
your journey has only one terrifying destination.

This evil sorceress has demons everywhere to curse your souls. 

Journey To Hell is a terrifying experience led event, please review our terms & conditions