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Ice blast

Feel the ultimate rush on the ice cool Ice Blast.

Ice Blast

20 storeys high – 2 seconds down – catapults riders vertically up a 210-foot tower at 80mph and thrust back down again for an incredible free-fall descent.

Reach G forces of up to 4.5g and -1g! Can your stomach handle the Ice Blast?

Feel the ultimate rush on the ice cool Ice Blast. Let the suspense build as you sit waiting for the ride to catapult you up its steel tower with an almighty blast of air.

Ice Blast reaches speeds of 80mph so hold tight! Whilst catching your breath at the top try to take in the stunning views of Pleasure Beach but be quick, as what goes up must come down!

Sponsored by Tango Ice Blast.

Vital statistics




S&S Power

Max height:

210 ft

Max Speed:



1 min 30 secs


306 riders/hour

No. of trains/cars:

12 riders per ride

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