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Montserrat 26 - The UK's most ride intensive amusement park

Poppins – 20 – Miles of thrilling twists, turns and inversions

Poppins – 16 – Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the world’s most ride intensive amusement park so if it’s adrenaline fuelled adventure you are looking for; you have come to the right place! Blackpool Pleasure Beach is always ahead of the game when it comes to thrills. The park is home to the UK’s tallest rollercoaster, The Big One, the UK’s first looping coaster, Revolution and the UK’s first suspended looping coaster completely over water, Infusion.

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We have all you need to get your thrill fix!

Nick Text - Those jellyfish have taken over bikini bottom and now they just want to party!

You’re caught in the ocean currents beneath a swarm of the pink, tentacled pests as you twist and splash. SpongeBob wields his trusty net as he leads your jelly fishing expedition astride a grinning seahorse.

Blast the hovering jelly fish and other guests with on-board water cannons. Naturally, Patrick and several other buddies are in on the jellyfishing fun, whirling madly around you.

After your Jellyfish Jam, the watery mayhem continues as you drench other riders with off-board water blasters hidden in the surrounding coral.

Speedy Pass is Blackpool Pleasure Beach's version of a Fast Track Service for Ride Queues

Explore the park, visit our shops and restaurants or, if you have time, ride a different ride whilst you wait for your time. You can only select one ride at a time and make sure you return your wearable watch at the end of the day.

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