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The Wonderful World of Wardrobe: The Talented Individuals Behind the Costumes of Hot Ice

Behind every wonderful production and stage show, there is an equally as wonderful team of seamstresses and costume makers.

It’s no secret that here at Blackpool Pleasure Beach we are very lucky to have an exceptional team of world-class skaters. From international professionals to local superstars, we showcase the very best of ice skating talent in our Hot Ice shows.

Each year, Hot Ice gets bigger and better. Choreography gets more advance, lighting and special FX get more technical, lifts and jumps get more nerve-wracking and of course, costume and makeup get even more beautiful. The Arena’s iconic rink is filled daily with an eager audience and lit up with mesmerising lights, beautifully written music and breath-taking routines.

But what happens before those 2 hours of awe-inspiring performances? Well the answer is months of creative design and hard work by our Stageworks team.  It’s not common knowledge that all of our costumes are made by hand in-house. We have a small team of extremely talented creatives who are able to take a costume concept drawn on a piece of paper, and transform that idea into a magnificent bespoke outfit. Each costume is a custom design, made to each skater’s measurements and fittings.  

In the lead up to a show, our small team design and make 550 bespoke costumes. In line with our sustainability promise, the team re-use as much material and accessories from previous years as possible. If there is a costume that they can amend and add to in order to create a new piece, they will, all while ensuring the designs are fresh.  For this year’s production, our wonderful team created 100 brand new costumes, with new fabrics, patterns and colours, some of which are hand jewelled with 11,000 rhinestones and 50 pink ostrich feathers… all individually placed one by one and beautifully tailored to the show’s numbers. One headdress can take up to a week to complete, and one outfit can take up to two days to stone! Once the outfits are made, the operation doesn’t stop there.  

It’s not just Hot Ice that our creative brains make costumes for. All of our event costumes are made by Stageworks, including the Christmas Pantomime, Christmas in Paradise and Journey To Hell.  For over 30 years, Stageworks has provided quality costumes to all sectors of the entertainment industry. From the world of TV to the West End in opera, ballet and ice shows, Stageworks has become synonymous with quality costumes and excellent personal service. Operating from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a trained team of designers, makers, stylists and coordinators create and deliver a first class service and product.

Being able to produce such high level industry costumes in-house by Stageworks wardrobe department for Hot Ice is something that Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Stageworks alike are extremely proud of.

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