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This week, we hosted a spectacular birthday celebration for our beloved Big Dipper rollercoaster. The iconic wooden coaster celebrated 100 years of service, and we wanted to make sure the day was extra special.

Guests flocked to the park at 7pm to join us in celebrating the memorable occasion. There was prosecco, cupcakes, and live entertainment – of course all accompanied by the Great British rain!

As guests mingled and danced the night away, the countdown clock slowly neared 8pm… the official time of the milestone celebration. The clock ticked away and our Director of Operations Andy Hygate gave an impressive speech to mark the night. As the ten second mark hit, the crowd joined Andy in counting down to the moment everyone was there for. The confetti cannons erupted and cheers and woops were to be heard from across the coast.

It’s official – Happy 100th Birthday Big Dipper!

Andy and his team then opened Big Dipper so guests had the opportunity to ride the coaster on her special day. The first train of people lined the red carpet as they waited to board, whilst eager enthusiasts watch it set off from the station.

The night continued with music, countless rides on Big Dipper (and Infusion for those who were brave enough), lots of food and drink and very rightly so, roars of laugher and enjoyment.

Each guest was presented with a certificate to commemorate the fact that they rode the Big Dipper on her 100th Birthday.

The evening was truly special. Filled with fun, laughter and memories, the party perfectly highlighted the enjoyment and pleasure that this iconic wooden coaster has been providing for a century.

Happy Birthday Big Dipper – until next year!

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