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Apprenticeships at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We’re encouraging people to get onto career paths.

We currently have 32 apprentices and not only do we offer the scheme to school leavers, existing employees can also develop their career further and become an apprentice whilst working to gain extra qualifications and valuable skills.

As schools return and pupils are faced with career uncertainty, it is important that we enable young people and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Young people are the future and it is absolutely key that we nurture them and support them as they journey into the world of work. Many people don’t know that here at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, there are more job opportunities than may initially meet the eye. We have an excellent team of workers in a wide range of industries like HR, Plumbing and Heating, Carpentry and Joinery, Social Media and Marketing, Supply Chain and Warehouse Operations… and that’s just to name a few. 

We take pride in investing in our staff and we’re always looking at ways to further progress and develop the team. Our strap line ‘A World of Opportunities’ highlights the career options not only in the amusement park, but also in their two luxury hotels, shows and events as well as their bars and restaurants.

The career opportunities don’t stop once you’ve joined us. As your career progresses with us, we offer reward schemes, staff benefits, apprenticeships and career developing courses – all alongside ongoing and continual support.

As well as getting young people motivated and enthusiastic about the job of their choice, it’s also important to us that we are constantly finding ways to develop our existing staff. Along with our apprenticeship schemes and diverse career options, we also have a junior board, which gives young people the chance to have their say and join in with making vital decisions about the future of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

We are dedicated to supporting the generation whose hands in which the future lies.

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