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James cox icae joins the board of directors

Blackpool Pleasure Beach invites its Director of Marketing, Sales and PR to join the board of directors.

After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in Advertising and Marketing, James Cox ICAE (IAAPA Certified Attractions Executive) joined Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2013 as a Digital Marketing Executive who was responsible for improving the social media platform and transitioning the company to online advertising.

James’ career accelerated and he soon made his way up the ranks. From Digital Marketing Manager, to Senior Marketing Manager, and Head of Marketing, most recently he stepped into the role of Director of Marketing, Sales and PR and now heads up a team of over 50 people in departments such as Corporate Sales, Group Sales, Guest Services, Ticket Sales, Contact Centre and PR and Marketing.

James said: “It’s an honour to be appointed to an exceptional board of directors. I look forward to be able to continue to support the business as it develops and grows in the future. Being local myself, I feel incredibly proud to be able to continue to contribute to a family-run world leading amusement park.”

Some of James’ notable successes include changing Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s admissions system. He assisted with the introduction of eTickets and a mobile phone app, which significantly improved guest experience and propelled the business into the modern era of technology.  

Earlier this year, Blackpool Pleasure Beach appointed another two members to its board, Andy Hygate, Director of Operations, and Karl Murphy, Director of Engineering. With now nine members around its table, the ever-growing board of directors highlights the company’s continual development.

Amanda Thompson OBE, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: “The way we market ourselves to the world is one of the most important aspects of keeping Blackpool Pleasure Beach successful. James’ continuous hard work and expert industry knowledge has enabled us to effectively communicate our core values, beliefs and offerings to a hugely diverse audience.

“Not only is it important for us to ensure we are accurately marketing ourselves, but it is also equally as important – if not more – for us to be listeners. People are at the heart of what we do and as Director of Marketing, Sales and PR, James has allowed us to ensure that our guests are heard. He really is the binding bridge between the business and our guests and we take extreme pride in welcoming him onto the board. Congratulations James!”

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