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Tim Burton, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “biggest fan”, made a surprise return to his favourite amusement park yesterday just in time for Halloween – and was given a sneak preview of its “Journey to Hell.”


It’s no secret that the Hollywood director is a huge fan of Blackpool, having gone so far as to feature both the town and Blackpool Pleasure Beach in a number of creative projects.

So fans couldn’t help but wonder if he was using this unexpected visit for inspiration for his next film, Beetlejuice 2, due for release September 2024.

It’s certainly possible – the Hollywood royalty was treated to the opportunity to walk through the infamous Ghost Train, the first ghost train in the world, and spent time taking pictures and videos.

However, it was the River Caves, a dark ride that first opened in 1905, which captured his attention on this latest visit

Tim, who most recently directed Netflix hit Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega, was visiting nearby Manchester on business but specifically made the trip to Blackpool to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


During his visit Tim, who directed the 2010 film version of Alice in Wonderland, couldn’t resist a journey on the ride of the same name. He also enjoyed the UK’s tallest rollercoaster the Big One, the Steeplechase ride, and was spotted eating lunch at the park’s Big Pizza Kitchen.  

Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Journey to Hell event – now with the Tim Burton seal of approval – is taking place on selected dates between 13th and 31st of October 2023.

 We will see elements of Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Tim Burton’s next film?



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