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Information on eTickets

We are always looking for new ways to improve and enhance the experience that all of our guests receive during their visit.

We are always listening to your feedback and in 2020 we launched a new park entry and ride access system to reduce queue times at the beginning of the day by using an ‘eTicket’.

The eTicket has provided us with a solution to enable social distancing and reduce contact between team members and guests by not having to provide and fit Wristbands. They are also a greener and an eco-friendly alternative to Wristbands and Pleasure Beach Passes.

eTickets are electronic tickets which are downloaded to your phone just like a boarding card replacing* Wristbands and Pleasure Beach Passes.

The benefit for you as guests means you will be able to bypass the Ticket Centre and directly enter the park through the main entrance to enjoy the rides, giving you more time on the park, and therefore greater value for money for your visit.

*Wristbands will still be available from our Ticket Centre.

How It Works

The process is very simple:

  • Click ‘BOOK NOW’ and select your visit date, and add the number of eTickets that you require (in the same way you would for a Wristband).
  • After completing your purchase, you will then receive a confirmation email. You can claim your eTicket by clicking on the link provided or simply head to selecting the ‘eTicket’ option.
  • To claim your eTicket, simply follow the instructions on the screen, submit a photo of yourself to attach to your ticket. This can be taken with your phone when you book or uploaded from your gallery.
  • Once you have claimed your eTicket, you can then invite all of the people on your booking to claim their place too. You can do this by sending them an invitation via WhatsApp/Email/Messenger. They must then follow the same process to claim their eTicket.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have these facilities on your phone, the eTicket can be accessed via a browser or even be printed off from an email.
  • When you arrive at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, you can head straight to the main entrance and scan your eTicket at the scanners to enter the park.
  • When you want to access the rides, you will simply scan your eTicket at the ride entrance, the same way as you would with a Wristband.


Q – What if I or someone in my group doesn’t want to use an eTicket?

A – To enable social distancing, all guests must use an eTicket to enter the park. This however can be printed for guests who do not have a phone. Multiple eTickets can also be stored on one phone for families.

Q – What do my children do as they don’t have phones?

A – You can store multiple eTickets for different people on one phone. Alternatively, we can issue your children with a Wristband at Ticket Sales.

Q – Why do you need a photograph?

A – Your eTicket is personal to you and your booking for your chosen date of visit. One eTicket can only be used by one person. Your photograph is used to verify that you are the holder of the eTicket and so they are not shared.

Your photograph will not be used for any other purposes and is not stored or held by Blackpool Pleasure Beach beyond the date of your visit. Guests who do not want to provide a photograph for their eTicket may be issued with a Wristband instead at Ticket Sales on arrival at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Q – What if the battery on my phone runs out?

A – Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers a number of charging points in venues around the park.  Please ask a member of staff for details of their locations during your visit should you require this. In addition to this souvenir branded charging banks are available to purchase in our retail stores.

If you are unable to use your phone for any reason or if during your visit you can visit Guest Services and be issued with a Wristband instead.

Q – What type of eTickets do you have?

A – Only eTickets will be available. An eTicket gives you entry to the park and unlimited all-day riding on all rides including Nickelodeon Land, subject to Height Restrictions.

We do offer eTickets for guests with disabilities and carers, alternatively, Wristbands can be issued at the ticket centre if required. More information can be found on this here.

Q – I’m visiting as part of a pre-booked group, do I need an eTicket?

A – Pre-booked groups such as schools and youth groups will not need an eTicket.  All pre-booked groups will be sent the Wristbands in advance of your visit. To discuss your group’s requirements please speak to one of our team members in the Groups and Education Department at [email protected]

Q – Need more help or can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

A – Call our customer service number on 0333 003 2212 or email us at [email protected]