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25 - 28 june

Take part in a host of fantastic fun family games and compete for the chance to be a BPB Record Holder!

Enter as a guest and leave a Record Holder!

At the end of each day, all record-holders will receive a certificate & button badge to commemorate their victory as well as being immortalised on the ‘Summer Times Games Cup’ which will be on display for all to see.
All included in the price of your eTicket – join the Summertime Games Gang at FY4 daily between 25th – 28th June from 12 pm!


Saturday 25th – Tuesday 28th June

The games we will be playing are some from 2021 and some NEW games. Check them out below:

  • Most Slime kept in a cup (on your head) while doing an Obstacle Course (2021)
  • Fastest time to hit 10 targets with a nerf gun (2021)
  • Most “pants” put on (Over your Clothes) in 1min (2021)
  • Fastest Time to eat a BPB Hot Dog  (NEW)
  • Most ice cream thrown and caught in 30sec, Team Of 2 (NEW)
  • Most Continuous “Keepie Uppies” in 1 min (NEW)
  • Furthest distance to Throw and Catch a water balloon without bursting (team Of 2)  (NEW)
  • Biggest Kandy Floss cone made in 30sec (NEW

How to take part

We would love you all to submit an entry to take part in our Summertime Games! Anyone can enter for any of our games.

FYI – in some of our games you may get messy, and we will give you some protective equipment, but just so you know you still might get a bit messy still.