Looking for more fun?

Enjoy these extra FUNshine activities during your visit!

Take to the park to find the locations of 15 Mr Funshine faces!

Check out the clues below to find their locations, scattered throughout the Pleasure Beach ☺

The Clues!

  1. Mirror mirrors fill this space, it may be Impossible to find Funshine’s face.
  2. From the highest peak the views are ace, but did you see Funshine’s face?
  3. While queuing in the prehistoric place, you might find a Funshine face.
  4. Don’t get lost in the labyrinth race, stay on course to find Funshine’s face.
  5. Before you go backwards from where you came, find the face of Funshine fame.
  6. Explore the caves, to Angkor Wat, stop monkeying around or Funshine’s face you won’t spot!
  7. See how it works rocking to and fro, and you may see a face you’ve come to know.
  8. You can’t BEAR to miss these three and dance along, and you’ll find a face before too long!
  9. Choo choo! There are animals aplenty, but check their mouths s one may not be entirely empty.
  10. It’s where you can see artefacts old and new, say CHEESE Gromit before you do!
  11. A golden ticket and a spot of tea, find Funshine’s face but don’t EAT ME!
  12. You went around the world to get to this place, just to get a glimpse of Funshine’s face.
  13. Find a little piggy in a barrel of fun, for when you see this face you’re almost done.
  14. This ICONic place with stakes of red, to find Funshine’s face you must walk to the place we said!
  15. It’s a three-horse race, don’t be sheepish, find Funshine’s face!

Mr Funshine Badges!

Is it your birthday or a special occasion?

We want to help make it a FUNSHINE day. We now have FUNSHINE day badges to make sure everyone knows it’s your special day. Visit Team Nick to get yours. At Blackpool Pleasure Beach we want adults to feel like children again, and for children to make amazing memories with their friends and family.


Create Your Own Personalised Selfie Trail Book!

It’s really easy, follow these steps to get your own.
  1. When booking your eTickets add the ‘My Selfie Trail’ supplement to your basket, and collect the book from the Ticket Centre or Wallace & Gromit gift shop.
  2. Alternatively, you can purchase one on the day from the Ticket Centre or the Wallace & Gromit gift shop.
  3. Download the My Moments app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Using the Selfie Trail book find the 9 locations across the park.
  5. Each location will have a QR code to scan to confirm where you are.
  6. Take an awesome selfie!
  7. Keep going until you’ve found all 9 pictures, then when you’re ready go to the Wallace & Gromit gift shop and get your pictures printed.
  8. Now you can create your Selfie Trail book full of amazing memories from your day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!


  1. If you have purchased the Selfie Trail booklet online, you can collect it from the Ticket Centre or the Wallace & Gromit gift shop. To do this you must show a copy of the purchase. Either on your phone or printed.
  2. The Selfie Trail is only valid for selfies taken on guests’ own phones and excludes all other forms of photography in the park.
  3. It is your responsibility to look after your Selfie Trail book.  Blackpool Pleasure Beach will not refund or replace any lost or damaged books.
  4. Compromising or inappropriate photos will not be issued.  This decision will be made by the BPB staff at the collection point and their decision is final.
  5. Location QR codes can be found on the corresponding page of the book as well as on a floor/wall sign installed at the location.
  6. Photos may take a little while to upload to the app, depending on their size and network connection.  You can carry on walking around the park, it will load as soon as a sufficient connection is established.
  7. Old photos cannot be recovered and printed after the day the journey started.
  8. No refunds will be issued if all locations are not found/ actual selfie pictures taken are not of the best quality.
  9. Additional pictures cannot be printed. 9 pictures are the maximum that will be printed for the selfie trail booklet.
  10. At the end of the selfie trail journey, selfie photos can be printed and collected from our W&G shop located in the park. When redeeming the printed pictures, proof of purchase will be required.