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Hungry? Whether you’re wanting to test your limits on our newest thriller ICON, or leisurely sail through the River Caves - any type of adventure calls for a suitably scrumptious feast!

It’s officially the day after Hot Ice opening night, and it’s safe to say we had a ball! From the moment of arrival until the moment of departure, the audience was truly and utterly captivated throughout.

Big Dipper has officially reopened! After nine months of works, the Big Dipper has had new paint to its iconic onion and maintenance on its track and structure.

As the date gets closer for Hot Ice’s Amore Amor Amour, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is proud to welcome home four local skaters.

Today is #WrongTrousersDay, which is a national event that aims to raise funds for children’s hospitals and hospices across the UK, and raises awareness for an important cause.

As Big Dipper celebrates her centenary, it’s important we are reminded of her heritage.

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