Pre Paid Card Terms & Conditions

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Limited

Pre-paid card Terms & Conditions

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Limited operates a cashless Amusement Park, and as a consequence it has introduced, for its guests who do not have a credit or debit card, a pre-paid card product (“the Card”), and these terms and conditions apply to its purchase and use.


The Card is a physical card which is purchased at locations in Blackpool Pleasure Beach or online at The Card can only be used within the Amusement Park to purchase food, drink and retail products and cannot be used in the following:
Car Parks, The Globe Theatre, The Big Blue Hotel and The Boulevard Hotel, the Adventure Golf, Ripleys Believe It or Not, Burger King, Kentucky Derby, Palmist, Oyster Bar, Madame Crevettes, Picento/Theme Shots, Ride Photography, HB Leisure Games and Arcades, Pasaje Del Terror, Pop Up/Mobile units.

2. The Card can be purchased (and topped up) in denominations of £5.00 (Sterling), to a maximum £500.00 per card. The top up cannot be carried out online.

3. The Card is used by presenting it at a location within Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the purchase of food, drink and retail items. Upon presentation, the Card will be scanned electronically and if there is sufficient credit held then the purchase transaction will take place and the value then deducted leaving a balance, and the transaction (and balance) will be shown upon a printed receipt. The Card can be scanned within the Amusement Park before a transaction takes place to confirm the credit balance held.

4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd reserves the right to exclude specific products from being purchased with the Card including but not limited to those items which the Card owner is not permitted to purchase by Law.

The Card cannot be re-sold. The Card cannot be exchanged for cash. The Card cannot be used to purchase another Card. The Card is non-refundable.


6. The Card is valid for a period of 730 days from the date of its purchase following which it will expire automatically. The Card cannot be used after the expiry date and any remaining balance will be removed and the card will become invalid and no longer available for use. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd has no obligation to remind or inform the Card owner of the Card’s expiry and it is the Card owner’s sole responsibility to ensure that any balance is used in full prior to expiry.

7. The Card expires automatically once its balance has been exhausted. The Card may be topped up with additional funds provided the Card is still valid and has not yet expired. The top up is available at a number of locations within the Amusement Park.

Lost/ Stolen/ Damaged

8. The Card owner is solely responsible for the safe keeping and security of the Card following its purchase. In the event that the Card is lost, stolen or damaged making unusable, it will not be replaced nor will the remaining balance be repaid/transferred to another Card. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the unauthorised use of the Card and where this is suspected and/or fraudulent activity takes place we reserve the right to terminate the Card without any liability to the owner of the Card.

Data Protection

9. Personal data relating to the purchase or use of the Card will be used in accordance with current applicable data protection and privacy legislation and the privacy policy of Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd which can be found at:


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and to also discontinue the Card at any time in which case the liability of Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd to the Card owner shall be limited to the credit balance held on the Card at the date of discontinuance and the Card must attend Blackpool Pleasure Beach and present the Card and if it is valid and holds a credit balance then a payment shall be given.

Governing Law and jurisdiction

11. These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The Card owner agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Pre-Paid Cards are available to purchase from our retail website. Click the button below to purchase yours.