Grand National

The world famous Grand National is Europe's first twin-track racing coaster, will you be on the winning team?

This classic racing roller coaster has been thrilling riders since 1935 with its competitive edge. Once your train sets off from the original art deco station, the race is on as you compete with the contending coaster train on parallel tracks.

Enjoy the competition and see if you are on the winning train! Whilst we can’t guarantee which side wins we can guarantee the fun and thrills onboard Europe’s first twin track racing coaster.


  • Built 1935
  • Max Speed 50 mph
  • Ride Tickets Required 5
  • Height 62 ft
  • Track Length 6,604 ft
  • Height Required 117cm

Guests must exhibit the following attributes for admission to this amusement ride:

  • At least 117cm tall
  • Wristbands or 5 Ride Tickets
  • Ability to independently maintain seated postural control under the dynamic conditions of the ride
  • Ability to withstand high G-forces and/or sudden and rapid changes in direction of forces
  • Muscular control of upper torso, neck and head
  • Ability to properly fit in ride under all restraining devices
  • Ability to grasp/grip with 1 functional arm
  • Ability to brace with 2 functional legs
  • Ability to walk/climb assisted over obstacles/stairs

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