Ride the first 360° rollercoaster in Europe, Revolution!

Get ready for the rush of the Revolution. With its wicked acceleration the train is launched out of the station and speeds straight for the gigantic loop. Just when you think it’s over you are launched backwards to relive the incredible g-force all over again!
Revolution had a fantastic make over in 2012 and is now a futuristic gunmetal grey with sleek white highlights and a vibrant red train.

  • Built 1979
  • Length 635ft
  • Height Required 127cm
  • Height 50ft
  • Ride Tickets Required 5

Guests must exhibit the following attributes for admission to this amusement ride:

  • At least 127cm tall
  • Wristband or 5 Ride Tickets
  • Ability to independently maintain seated postural control under the dynamic conditions of the ride
  • Ability to withstand high G-forces and/or sudden and rapid changes in direction of forces
  • Muscular control of upper torso, neck and head
  • Ability to properly fit in ride under all restraining devices
  • Ability to grasp/grip with 1 functional arm
  • Ability to brace with 2 functional legs
  • Ability to walk/climb assisted over obstacles/stairs

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for Guests with Disabilities